About us

Entrance to The Culbone

The Culbone is situated in the heart of Exmoor. Our aim is to combine the stunning landscape of Exmoor with beautiful local produce and a friendly welcome.

Our dishes are honest, simple, fresh and cooked to a high standard to bring out the amazing flavours and textures of the local produce.

Come and join us so you too can experience the best of Exmoor! 

The Culbone is a family run business and we bring that personal touch and homely feel in everything we do.

We live in Porlock and we fell in love with Exmoor ten years ago. Exmoor is a memorable experience for anyone who loves the outdoors. To experience the best of Exmoor we believe it needs a Hostelry to match the scenery and that is what The Culbone stands for!

We call this The Culbone deal: Stunning backdrop, great produce, delicious food, peaceful surroundings and a welcome smile, no more no less!

The Culbone offers a restaurant with rooms with a lovely outside eating area to take in the stunning views that Exmoor has to offer! Exmoor is as equally beguiling at night with the amazing vista of the heavenly sights.

The Culbone is proud of its family approach to serving you. Even those who are not directly family are kind of: Our Head Chef Norbert has been with us since the start and is as much family as anyone is.

Whilst we have been fortunate enough to be recognised by winning awards, the only thing that ultimately matters is you the customer. If you give us a thank you and tell your friends about us and return yourself in the future then that’s the ultimate award for us.

We look forward to meeting you at the Culbone, and hope that we can help you you experience the best of Exmoor.




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