About us

Warm Welcome from the Team

We celebrate the very best of Exmoor at The Culbone. The best produce available in the South West, passionate local producers (our heroes), an award winning kitchen and menus, dramatic scenery and a knowledgeable local team who share a common belief………….. life is a celebration!

Celebrating life has brought us together as a team.

The dream started with the inspirational couple (Tony and Lesley) who live nearby in Porlock. Their dream was to share their passion for this beautiful part of the world, with like minded travellers who sought a peaceful nights sleep with delicious local food. They had often visited The Culbone, enjoying the wonderful views and shared many conversations about how much they would love to own this fabulous location…………………..

In March 2011, Tony and Lesley accepted the keys to The Culbone and the project to transform the business into a Restaurant with Rooms, Cookery School and communal garden that celebrates Exmoor had begun.

The search to find a team of like minded people was easier than expected (it was more a case of us wanting to get on board, because we shared the same values and beliefs). First to make the life changing decision to leave a successful International career was Chef, Jack Scarterfield. Somerset born, with a desire to build a Restaurant (and a new family) that celebrates the best produce in his South West home, the decision was simple.

Next to join was me, Mark Sanders. Tony and I were having lunch in Covent Garden, when I realised that Tony was as passionate about developing people as I am. We shared the same values and beliefs, so I spent the next 3 months squeezing my way into the business. I’m still not sure if I was ever asked to get involved!

One year later, we have won 3 awards, opened a cookery school and encouraged our team (who are passionate about creating experiences) to develop into Head Chef’s and General Managers of their own businesses. We open our first Fish and Chips Restaurant, “Pips Fish” in Minehead in July 2013. We are delighted that the leaders of this new business have spent their first 12 months with us at The Culbone.

We look forward to meeting you at the Culbone, and hope that you enjoy Exmoor as much as we do.





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