Big Red Farm & St AustellsThe Culbone provides a contemporary eating and drinking experience set against the backdrop of the tradition that is Exmoor. We are striving to provide you with an authentic Exmoor experience and to that end we are committed to sourcing all of our produce locally and focus on the importance of supporting and partnering with local suppliers.  

All of our Beef is sourced from Heals Farm.

We source all our fresh fish from Jacqui of El Pescadero who drives the two hours to Brixham Market five days a week to source the freshest fish available.

Other suppliers include: all our fresh vegetables and fruit are supplied by A. David. Our main ale supplier is the renowned St Austell Brewery and all of our wine is supplied by Walter Hicks.

We hope you will enjoy the produce that we offer and please remember that when you are experiencing The Culbone on Exmoor you’re also enjoying its finest produce.

Fresh local fish

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