Hungarian Night

Norbert’s Hungarian Night

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Sample Menu


Hungarian fisherman’s soup – Bisque

Goose cracklings with pickled red onion and sour dough

Chicken Paprikas with buttered parsley dumplings

Sauteed duck liver with white grape, Tokaji Aszu glaze on toasted brioche

Fried spiced potato cake with sour cream and wild rocket leaf


Traditional Hungarian Goulash soup (like a stew)

Herb crumbed whole roasted rainbow trout with dill new potatoes and black almond butter

Roasted Mangalitsa pork fillet with Lecso and crisp potatoes cooked in duck fat

Creamy sweet paprika pea stew with fried egg and cheese doughnut

Beef fillet “Budapest” ragu with celeriac puree and crisp bacon


Gundel Pancake with hot chocolate sauce, caramelized walnut and brandy

Vanilla chestnut puree with whipping cream

Sweet cottage cheese dumplings with red berry sour cream


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