Italian Night

Italian Night – Tuesday 10th April

Discover some classic mediterranean dishes all lovingly prepared with the best Exmoor ingredients. We’ll be recommending some great wines to complete each meal.

Anti Pasti – £7.00

Roasted baby artichoke in oil
Wood roasted pequillo peppers
Homemade bresola
Napoli salami
Parma ham
Aubergine Carpaccio
Marinated anchovies
Crisp fried baby squid
Steamed vongole with pancetta
Braised octopus with garlic and parsley
Grilled zucchini with pecorino, pea shoots and mint
Warm cherry tomato and mozzarella salad
Roast Garlic and basil flat bread


Whole bass, steamed with cherry tomatoes, roasted garlic, rocket oil and baby basil £16.50
Spaghetti vongela with chilli, garlic and parsley £14.50
Melanzoni parmegani (layers of aubergine with fresh tomato sauce, mozarella and basil) £9.50
Veal Milanese (pan fried veal escalope with oregano, garlic and basil crumb) £13.00
Venison cannelloni with rocket and cherry tomoatoes £12.50
Linguini with crispy pancetta, wild mushrooms, poached duck egg and pecorino £12.00
Homemade gnocchi with roasted pumpkin, toasted pine nuts and rocket pesto £11.00
Slow cooked beef and belly pork ragu, baked calzone style with chilli oil and baby basil £14.00

Sides – all £2.50

Zuchini fries
Tomato and mozzarella salad
Rocket and pecorino
Polenta chips
Roast garlic bread

Desserts – all £6.00

Panecotta with poached berries
Tiramisu with coffee syrup
Vanilla semi fredo
Fresh fruit salad

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