Jack’s blog – my Chinese night – Tuesday 24th July

Cuisine from around the world is becoming and will remain one of the endearing themes at The Culbone for some time to come. As you know we have already had Thai, Italian and French and now we are having a Chinese night.

As you can imagine when you work (in Hospitality anyway) in London you come across a vast array of different people from different cultures and they bring with them a range of inputs and influences.

My love of Chinese and the big influences on my cooking of it come from one of my big friend Yong Zu. Yong was the fishmonger at Fishworks when I was there and we made friends immediately and became big buddies both in and out of work.

Obviously being in London we had Chinatown on our doorstep and whilst there is a vast array of restaurants here Yong always guided me to the authentic ones! He could do this as he actually knew a lot of the owners and players here. This gave me a great insight into their love of food and the theatre that goes with it.

Yong also introduced me to a very exotic restaurant in Bethnal Green where only the Chinese ate and learnt much about different aspects of Chinese food. Did you know for example that the Chinese love Tripe?

So when you come to our Chinese evening you will understand where my main influences come from. I am particularly excited about my take on the good ‘ol Peking duck. Crispy confit duck leg cooked slowly in duck fat, seared duck breast marinated with soy, Chinese 5 spice and honey and duck liver kebabs.

Also If you like ‘sweet and sour’ you must try my sweet and sour chicken Hong Kong style with roasted pineapple combined with bay sweet and sour chicken balls. Taste those different textures. So they’re just a couple of items to whet the appetite, have a look at the whole menu.

Of course the real joy for me being at The Culbone is whilst I have the freedom to indulge in all these exotic foods I also get to work with this marvelous local produce, some of the best I’ve worked with ever!

So remember when you bite into that succulent crispy beef dish it might evoke images of China to you but it will still remind me of our beloved Exmoor.

Cheers folks, hope to see you there on the night and If you need any more details just drop Nina our Hostess for the night an